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Claude AnShin Thomas, “Being at Peace in a World at War”

LocationSanders Classroom 212, Spitzer Auditorium

“Being at Peace in a World at War”

Claude AnShin Thomas, Zen Buddhist monk, Vietnam veteran, international advocate of nonviolence, and author was ordained in the Japanese Soto Zen Tradition in 1995. Born in 1947 in Meadville, Pennsylvania, he served in Vietnam from 1966 -’67 where he was injured very seriously.

Claude AnShin Thomas traveled a remarkable journey from the devastating effects of experiencing childhood violence and combat to finding peace with his unpeacefulness.

In order to find new possibilities to live, we need to learn about our conditioning to violence and how to embody peace, which requires a discipline of change.

“Everything that I do affects the world around me. My actions affect the whole universe. If I abuse or mistreat anything or anyone, I am abusing or mistreating myself.”– Claude AnShin Thomas