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Majors Committee

Majors Committee Members

Mary Lesher ‘16

Mary Lesher is a senior History major with a double correlate in Women's Studies and Greek & Roman Studies! She is from Wisconsin and loves talking about cows and other adorable livestock. Mary is writing her senior thesis on government surveillance of the National Woman's Party campaign for suffrage during WWI. Her favorite color is turquoise, but she can never spell it right (thank you spell check!). Mary is also a member of the Vassar College Women's Chorus, which is one of the oldest women's choruses in the country! In her free time Mary enjoys doing yoga, eating pie and watching copious amounts of Netflix!

Samantha Hil ‘18

Samantha became a History major her first semester, Freshman year and she says it was the best decision she ever made.  She is most interested in Medieval history - that's right, she's the one -, but will dabble in pretty much any time period so long as it's interesting, and honestly what history isn't? Out side of Swift's walls, she enjoys drama, ballroom dancing, old (and new) movies and making people laugh.  She loves history because of the stories it can tell and the mysteries that are still waiting to be unraveled. She hopes to one day prove that the Templars brought the Arc of the Covenant to America and find out how the ink comes out of pens.

Lauren Stauffer ‘16

Hello! My name is Lauren Stauffer and I am a senior from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  As a History Major, my focus is on U.S. Foreign Policy and human rights (unlike the man originally featured in the above picture).  When I'm not taking classes in Swift, I am often competing as a member of the Vassar Women's Tennis Team or participating in the Vassar Alliance of Women in Foreign Affairs (VAWFA).  For my junior year, I studied abroad at the London School of Economics & Political Science and this past summer, I had the great opportunity to work as a Ford Scholar for Professor Robert Brigham for whom I assisted in researching humanitarian intervention during the Clinton presidency.

Ethan Cohen ‘16

Ethan Cohen ('16) is an English and History double major, with a Hispanic Studies correlate. You might have seen him performing standup comedy or jazz guitar around campus. Ask him about Spanish history, 20th Century America, and Jewish radical leftism!

Eric Santacruz ‘16

Eric is a History major from Los Angeles, California. His focus is on nineteenth and early twentieth century European History. His dream is to appear on Drunk History.

Emily Stensloff ‘16

Emily's favorite part of studying history is reading primary sources that are diaries/letters because they are the personal side of history and allow her to see histories that were often forgotten or ignored when she studied history prior to coming to Vassar (meaning that most of her research papers end up being about women's and/or LGBTQ history). When not buried under class and thesis work, Emily's hobbies include complaining about the historical inaccuracies in period dramas but consuming a ridiculous amount of them anyways, rereading Frankenstein again, and drinking way too much coffee.

Andrea Ditkoff ‘18

Andrea is a recently-declared sophomore, and is also working on correlates in English and Hispanic Studies. She is from New York City (and very proud of it). Feel free to talk to her about pizza, American history, or whatever you’re currently reading.

Max Fine ‘17

Max is a junior history major from the great state of New Jersey with a particular interest in European, American, music and Jewish history. When not roaming the halls of Swift, he enjoys theatre, playing piano, and the accordion.

Hannah Reynolds ’16—Department Intern

Since declaring her freshman year, Hannah has only continued to fall in love with the History Department and is so honored to be Intern this year. Other than basking in her thesis about women’s organizations in Nicaragua, she enjoys singing with the Night Owls (Vassar’s oldest all-women’s A Capella group) and is working toward receiving her teaching certification in secondary Social Studies. Hannah welcomes any chance to talk history or offer support, so always feel free to email her at hareynolds@vassar.edu with any questions or concerns!

Aimee Dubois ‘16

Once upon a time Aimee anticipated a major in physics or math. But after she shuffled into a freshman writing seminar in the history department, she was hooked. Fast forward to her senior year, she's working through a history major and economics minor, and couldn't be happier.  She plays on Vassar's women's golf team, is the community service representative for the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, and is (of course) a member of the history major's committee.  Her postgraduate plans are still in the works, but she's looking at management consulting. But for now, she's probably hunting for a source for her thesis in the stacks or hunting for a golf ball on the 5th hole.

Nathaniel Nichols-Fleming ‘16

Nate is a senior with a double major in Political Science and History, although History is by far his favorite. He is currently writing his thesis on the AIDs epidemic, with a focus on the politics of respectability. In his free time, Nate is a captain of the Vassar Quidditch team and likes nothing more than curling up with a good 500 page book on the evolving defintions of nationality. Next year, he plans on attending law school, with the hope of becoming a criminal defense attorney.

History Department Intern

Sophia Rutkin ‘15

Sophia is the History Department intern. She has secret correlates in political science, Greek and Roman studies, and education. She loves studying history because it is constantly evolving and developing, both in terms of the field itself and our understanding thereof. She has been obsessed with the study of history since she read the Dear America and Magic Tree House series as a kid. Her life goal is to read every Stephen King story ever published. 

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